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My first review on my blog! For my first review, I decided to do Geekerella by Ashley Poston.


Ok so let me just say right now, I loved this book! As a fangirl myself, I loved all the relatable lines and representation of fandoms, plus we have an awesome fanboy protagonist! One of my favorite parts was when Elle (the main character) realizes that Darien Freeman (other main character) is playing one of her favorite characters in the remake said tv show.

“No. No, it’s not him. It can’t be him. Darien Freeman is not my Federation Prince Carmindor.”

This book is split into two points of view in first person, and I really enjoyed it! I had just come out of reading a lot of third person high fantasy and high sci-fi books, so this was different from my usual reads, but dang did I enjoy it!

Ok, Darien Freeman appreciation paragraph. This is the fanboy character I needed! I felt so bad that he had to pretend to not know the answer to a simple trivia question near the beginning of the book. His father is a jerkwad, everyone is trying to change who he is, and yet he is still holding onto his fandom and trying to do it justice as he goes into this role that so many people care about, plus it’s confirmed in the book that he is, in fact, attractive, plus a person of color! I loved how Poston made this super celebrity person of color and not this cookie cutter white celebrity with no personality. Also, Darien Freeman saw his costume for his role for the first time and knew it was the wrong color. I don’t even know if I could do that with one of my favorite tv shows or movies. He’s also super humble and respects his assistant, Gail ( who is also awesome)!

So Elle, who is a redhead by the way, (yes, it’s a minor detail but I can’t remember the last redhead main character I saw in a book since Harry Potter.) is an orphan who lives with her stepmother (or monster as she says), Catherin, and stepsister twins. She works at a vegan food truck with her friend Sage, who I believe is supposed to be the ‘fairy godmother’ type figure. I loved how Sage had green hair, and her character development was amazing! 10/10 would read her character arc again. Elle finds her parents old cosplay costumes in the attic and this scene was so empowering and amazing! When she realized she wanted to go to the convention that her own father created and win the contest, it sent chills up my spine.

I’ll go to ExcelsiCon and enter that contest. I’ll win that contest. And I’ll get my tickets out of her, away from Catherine and the twin, and create a new universe where I can be whoever I want to be and not what everyone thinks I am.

I’ll be my father’s daughter.

It’ll be work. I’ll have to clean these things up, alter them so they fit, somehow find a way to get to Atlanta for the convention. But Dad taught me a long time ago that it takes much more than a few good pieces of a costume to be worthy of the Federation insignia. It takes courage and perseverance. It takes all the good things I still feel in Dad’s old cosplay uniform. All the kind things in Mom’s galaxy dress.

And with their help, I’ll make them proud.

I’ll ignite the stars.”

WOW! That scene ended the first part of the book ( three parts in all) and I sat there staring at the book with my mouth agape in aw.

Now, let’s talk about how Elle and Darien were talking to each other this whole time, not even knowing they were who they were! Elle, the blogger who has written posts hating on Darien, and Darien, the famous actor whom Elle hates. I remember just grinning to myself through all of those scenes. They were adorable yet so stressful because I knew things that they both didn’t know, but at the same time I was happy things happened the way they did! I was happy that Darien had a friend who was his friend because of him, not Carmindor or Darien Freeman, if that makes sense. When he first called her ah, blena I may have died just a little bit! When Sage called Darien and Elle immediately hung it up I was a bit frustrated, but I totally understand why she did it.

When Elle’s step-sister, Chloe, came into her room, stole her money, ripped her jacket, and basically ruined everything, I was gasping and yelling at the book. I almost threw it across the room. Luckily Sage came to the rescue once again! I’m telling you, fairy godmother.

“‘Ignite!’ I hear my father say, even though he’s not here and never will be again. Because this is the impossible universe. And there is no Carmindor, there is no Prospero, or Euci, or the Federation, or observation desks. There’s just me, stranded on the wrong side of everything that I love.

Like Princess Amara, lost in the Black Nebula.”


When Elle and Sage finally got inside the con and got to the contest, I got chills again. Just reading Elle walk up onto that stage and completely own it made me so happy. Sadly Elle still got second, but she did get to go to the cosplay ball (oh look another Cinderella similarity)! The dancing scene between Darien and Elle was so nice and sweet and filled all my shipping needs, but not as much as that ending on the red carpet! That had me almost squealing in the middle of the grocery store.

So overall I would totally recommend reading this book! Poston did a great job of including super great characters!

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